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Meets ANSI Standards for safety Z87.1
Safety glasses that fit over Prescription glasses
Safety goggles that fit over glasses
All-Star kit
Safety Glasses
Bifocal Safety Glasses - (available in clear and smoked lenses)

Sun AutoTint™ Safety Glasses (from Clear to smoked) and (Yellow to smoked)


Safety Glasses provide protection from:

Flying objects
Poly carbonate Lenses are Shatterproof! They provide superior eye protection from flying objects like bugs and gravel that could shatter a regular lens causing eye injury or even blindness.

Ultraviolet Rays
All Goggles for Motorcycle riding Lenses contain UV400 filters for maximum protection from harmful UV Rays. Plus, the contoured fit eliminates light from all directions (including the sides). Driving south while the sun rises in the east will never be a problem again!

Wind and Dust
Glasses and Goggles are aerodynamically designed to protect your eyes from wind and dust irritation.

Anti-Fog safety glasses

Some of our products come with double-sided anti-fog coating and venting to insure good visibility.